International Competitions

If you are thinking of going International, then there are a few hundred Photographic Exhibitions that are open to you. A goodly number of these are validated to certain standards by either or both the Federation International de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) & the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Accordingly it is completely in order to enter both FIAP & PSA Competitions at one and the same time. The only constraint is money – although many are very inexpensive to enter.


FIAP award Photographic Distinctions each year, based on acceptances in Photographic Salons which they have validated. The requirements for the first two FIAP Distinctions are set out in the table.

Acceptances 40 250
Works 15 50
Salons 15 30
Countries 8 20
Minimum No. as Prints 4 25

AFIAP = Artiste
EFIAP = Excellence

Beyond “E” one may apply for what are termed Levels, and also MFIAP. Click the link for a definitive list of the FIAP Salons:

Photographic Society of America (PSA)

The PSA awards Photographic Stars, similar in nature to the BPE Crowns, and these may be accrued towards a PSA Photo Distinction. Within the PSA, as from late September 2012, there will be a number of Divisions – Projected (PID), Nature (ND), Prints (Large &amp Small), Travel (TD) and Photo Journalism. In each of these divisions one may apply for “Stars” when one has the requisite number of acceptances and you are a paid up member of the PSA.

Star Acceptances Titles
1 18 6
2 36 12
3 72 24
4 144 48
5 288 72

The Photo Distinctions may be applied for when, with an accumulation of Stars, you have the requisite number of Acceptances.

Level Abbreviation No of Acceptances
Proficiency PPSA 288
Excellence EPSA 700
Master MPSA 1,500
Grand Master GMPSA 3,000

Thus one may gain a PPSA with 2×4 Stars or a single 5 Star.
Afull list of the PSA Validated Salons can be found in the PSA monthly journal, and a partial listing can be found at

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