Results from 2018-19 internal club competitions

Heather has made available the results from last season’s competitions. They have been uploaded to the BPA Facebook page. For those not able to access the Facebook page the results are replicated here. Well done to all those that enter our competitions and hearty congratulations to the overall winners and runners up. 
Digital Projected Images (DPI)
1st Place  –  Charles Farnell ARPS CPAGB  –  92 points
2nd Place  –  Cristina Pascu-Tulbure  –  54 points
3rd Place  –  Heather Bradshaw  –  48 points
1st Place  –  Ian Stewart ARPS DPAGB  –  96 points
2nd Place  –  Jon Ashton ARPS  –  42 points
3rd Place  –  Ian Kearvell  –  39 points
Overall DPI + Prints
1st Place  –  Ian Stewart ARPS DPAGB  –  124 points
2nd Place  –  Charles Farnell ARPS CPAGB  –  107 points
3rd Place  –  Jon Ashton ARPS  –  77 points
Thanks to Heather for doing the collation of all the results and briefing us on the outcome.  These are challenging times and I know that Ron is applying his mind to how we can all keep in touch and stay motivated. I know some of you are dead set against Facebook but I would encourage you to think about joining our closed group page and contribute.
Stay Home (when you can) and Stay Safe.
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