Members’ “CheckList” for competition entries

MMcN presented the attached checklist to assist and encourage us to up our game when submitting entries to the club (and other) competitions. The checklist, prepared by MMcN and RT, is applicable to both print and dpi entries.

This post is intended to draw your attention to the checklist, especially those members unable to attend the Members Evening session on 20 February 2019. A copy will also be placed on the “Competitions” tab for future reference and download.

It is perhaps worth reiterating here that the competition rules are available on the website and that your Council has agreed that the number of entries may be restricted where a large volume of entries has occurred. Compliance with the subject matter guidelines is strongly encouraged and the judges will be advised to take our subject guidelines into account when judging. Please also help our Competitions Secretary when preparing your digital entries on CD or Memory sticks and Flash drives by placing your images inside a folder bearing your name (and awards where appropriate, e.g. ARPS, DPAGB). Please remember to check image size and colour space compliance to avoid unintended consequences when the competition software automatically changes these attributes.

Final Check List


You can download a copy for your personal use by clicking here. MMcN/RT Checklist.



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